5 Quick Easy Steps to Root Your MT6577/MTK6577-based Android devices


You may have bought a compatible, low-cost Android device from the Internet which was based on the popular  MediaTek 6577 chipset (or MTK6577). According to the release from MediaTek, the “MediaTek MT6577 features a dual 1GHz Cortex™-A9 application processor from ARM, a PowerVR™ Series5 SGX GPU (graphics processing unit) from Imagination Technologies, MediaTek’s proven 3G/HSPA modem, and runs the latest Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” operating system.”

Some examples of these 6-inch screen devices include the HDC Star Galaxy Note, Haipai i9377, Smart THL W3+ and the Star N9776 Smart Note 2 devices. Please note that I do not endorse or support any of the devices; these are just examples of the devices that used the MTK6577 chipset, which is a low-cost solution for the android market. Other MTK6577 devices that may work include Novo 7 Tornado 7, HDC Galaxy S3 i9300, Dapeng i9977 and Star N9970 Note 2.

If you are looking to root the MT6589, which is the quad-core equivalent of the Mediatek SoC solution, please go here. If you have a dual core MT6577 phone, then please continue reading the below.

Due to active community participation from users worldwide (thanks, folks!), I am able to consolidate and share the list of devices that users have reported success in rooting [updated 04 May 13]:

  • GSmart GS202+ on 4.0.4 (v17)
  • Kata i7 (v17)
  • Freelander I10S MTK6577 (v18).
  • F9300
  • THL W6
  • Xtouch x403
  • MTK6575 GT-I9300 Samsung Galaxy
  • THL W3+
  • i-mobile IQ2
  • ING100
  • Starmobile Crystal
  • Chinaphone S5 on 4.0.4 (v18)
  • H3000+
  • Freelander PD10 Pro
  • Star N9776
  • Note 2 MTX (v17)
  • Advan T3i
  • Zopo 300+
  • STAR N9588 (on Android 4.1.2)
  • BEDOVE X12(on Android 4.0.4).
  • GT-i9300 / B92 (v25)
  • Zopo ZP900S
  • SKK Phoenix
  • Note2 clone N7102 MT6577 JB 4.1.1 (See Jeff’s sharing in comments below for this model). He uses Win7 and used this Google USB driver  instead. He recommended setting the phone to storage mode instead of media player mode, and checking device is connected using “adb devices” command line. I suspect this may work for Jellybean devices also. Why not try it and comment here? 🙂
  • ThL W1+ (v25)
  • i9977 (6.0-inch Smartphone)
  •  Alps BP-I9300 (v17)
  • Goophone N2 (v17)
  • KATA i1

  • Cross A27

** Disclaimer: As with all rooting or recovery operations, it is always a good practice to backup your data and information before embarking on such an exercise. For your information, my device was running ICS and not Jelly Bean. ***

Here’s how you can root this device easily using the following tools and software:

1) You need a USB driver for the MT6577 device. Download the USB driver here: MT65xx_USB_Driver. Once you have downloaded the driver, ensure that you install the driver in Windows so that you can see the android device. You should see a device under “My Computer”. You may need to enable “Developer mode“, so just go to the “Settings” –> “Developer Options” –> “USB Debugging” and ensure it is checked/ticked.

If you select the Properties of the Device, you should see something like this:

2) You will need to download the Rooting tool. This rooting tool leverage the adb restore function to the rooting. In my case, I used the Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v17  file, which worked perfectly for me. I chose the Normal mode during the rooting process. If you wish, you can also try v18 of the same rooting tool, but I have not used it before since I successfully rooted using v17. There is also a v25, which you can try, if the earlier versions did not work.

3) Choose the “Normal Mode”. Just sit back and let the tool do its job. Version v17 screen:


Version v25 screen looks slightly different, so I thought I’d share it here:


4) Follow the instruction to “Restore my data”. The process is non-destructive, so I think your data should be safe. But don’t take my word for it, back up your device before doing any thing! 🙂

5) Once you have rooted your device, you will find a SuperSu application in your android, which enables you to control SuperUser access/root access to the android device.

Edit (Community Suggestion): If your operation was successful, why not share your success information in the comments section below, stating the brand and model of your phone and OS version (e.g. Brandless / Android Note 2 with ‘PadPhone label behind / ICS4.0.4) , so that others can use it to determine whether their devices are compatible or not? Thanks for helping to make this page even more useful to the community!

5 Quick Easy Steps to Root Your MT6577/MTK6577-based Android devices

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  1. Arun George says:

    Finally bI found a really working solution to root my phone.
    I have rooted my Micromax Canvas Music (A88) with Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v25 provided in this post.
    I searched many places in the web but I was not able to find something that really works.

  2. sp says:

    thanks man!!! I’ve been trying to root coby kyros mid8011 for a long time… Root_with_restore_by_bin4ry_v17 in normal mode did the trick!!!

  3. kill bill says:

    At last I rooted my e1911_v77_gq2000_a41_6628_v20, MT6577.

    I tried every procedure and every time it told me “are you rooted; permission denied”.

    Lots of people are suffering problems with rooting this particular phone.

    Yesterday I rooted my phone!!! I used Kingo Root, simple and fast


  4. myarash says:

    i did all the step, but nothing appear for supersu. anyone can u help… 🙁

  5. Miles Prower says:

    Thanks a lot!!! my Goophone Is way more usable now I can install Button Savior.

  6. Giovanni Cavallin says:

    Clone S3 Mini with MT6577 Processor and Android 4.1.1. Running under Win8 (You need to disable Driver Signature to install drivers!!)

  7. Armando Morales says:

    Iphone 5 clone
    used v 18
    sys info: android 4.1.5 Linux 3.0.13 gc 4.4.3
    Cpu Arm v7 processor rev 9
    Hardware mt6577

    Thanks !!

  8. Loreto Notarantonio says:

    I have alps e1901_v77_gq2002tc (bought as Hero 9300+) with MKT6577 and following all the installation steps I get: mount: permission denied (are you root?). I tried via XP and Win7, device is correctly recognized, and I installed also the padnet for Android and it’s working.
    No SuperUser icon appear on desktop and root level is not available.

    1) Normal
    2) Special (for example: Sony Tablet S, Medion Lifetab)
    x) Unroot
    Make a choice: 1
    Checking if i should run in Normal Mode or special Sony Mode
    Please connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now
    remote object ‘/system/app/Backup-Restore.apk’ does not exist
    remote object ‘/system/bin/ric’ does not exist
    Normal Mode enabled!
    Pushing busybox….
    2338 KB/s (1085140 bytes in 0.453s)
    Pushing su binary ….
    1916 KB/s (91980 bytes in 0.046s)
    Pushing Superuser app
    2395 KB/s (996704 bytes in 0.406s)
    Making busybox runable …
    Please look at your device and click RESTORE!
    If all is successful i will tell you, if not this shell will run forever.
    Running …
    Successful, going to reboot your device!
    Waiting for device to show up again….
    Going to copy files to it’s place
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    You can close all open command-prompts now!
    After reboot all is done! Have fun!

  9. bustik says:

    i have goophone s3 whith Android 4.1, it didn´t work with v17, I had to use v18 and it was succesfully!!!!

    thank you!!!

  10. Joseph Sirucka says:

    I have a haipai n7102 with android 4.1.1

    Error I get is as bellow.

    Successful, going to reboot your device in 10 seconds!
    Waiting for device to show up again….
    Going to copy files to it’s place
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    You can close all open command-prompts now!
    After reboot all is done! Have fun!
    Press any key to continue . . .

    I have the haipai n7102 mtk6577. I have done everything jeff has instructed. But as you can see I get the message mount:permission denied (are you root?)

    What am I doing wrong.

  11. scott marshall says:

    hi there,
    all good on my S3,

  12. Eu Llamado says:

    It works with Kata i1 🙂 thank you!!

  13. Eu Llamado says:

    how long will it take for the whole process to be complete?

  14. […] The MT6589 chipset was the world’s first commercialized quad-core System-On-Chip (SoC), targetting the mid to high end smartphone and tablets market (and the dual-core MT6577 targeting the lower end of the market). This relatively new chipset integrates a power-efficient Cortex™-A7 CPU subsystem from ARM, PowerVR™ Series5XT GPU from Imagination Technologies, and MediaTek’s advanced multi-mode UMTS Rel. 8/HSPA+/TD-SCDMA modem. Adopting an advanced 28nm process technology, the MT6589 platform boasts extremely low power consumption and aims to deliver powerful performance at a very competitive price, just like the MT6577 platform that we have been quite familiar with. […]

  15. Mohammad Haddad says:

    Yes I Do IT :))) With My X-Touch X403 – Thank You Alllllll :)))

  16. KATA i1 successfully rooted using your tutorial. Thanks.

  17. Andhika Gautama says:

    Device: Cross A27

    Rooted successfully. Thank you for sharing this Thread.

    A bit confusing regarding this instruction “Once you have downloaded the driver, ensure that you install the driver
    in Windows so that you can see the device under “My Computer”

    Maybe it should have written “Extract file and copy “MT65xx_USB_Driver” folder to C:Windows

    Also on “Properties of the Device”
    it doesn’t come out as “MT65XX Android Phone” like the above image.

    Mine appear as HTC Device.

    Nevertheless the root was successful.

    Thank you

  18. I have the same phone . do you now wehre can I find the original drivers for the camera ? thanks

  19. I have A Padphone N9776 6″ and I lost the driver of the photo camera , . The icon is still in the desk but wen I press them says that the app is not installed . where can i find them ? I download the driver for USB but I cant install it in the computer , and the phone is not recognaised.

  20. satudarah says:

    Just a question,

    When i root my I9300 MTK6577, is it possible then to upgrade from JB 4.1 to another JB version??

  21. Huu Dien says:

    I use Alcatel OT 6030D with 4.1.2, can I use it for rooting my device? I’m afraid it can be make damaged my phone

  22. Has anyone tried to root the Salora Power Maxx mobile, any help would be appreciated.

  23. Jodel Oceña says:

    People nowadays are really eager to root their devices even if it’s very brand new. I suggest that you only root once the warranty is over

  24. my phone is skk poenix i read comment its work but i need the tutorial and the tools needed please help me i want to root my phone please please please……

  25. raff says:

    helo all…me already succesful rooting..thanx a lot jeff and gleescape..u the man!!!..

  26. ThL W1+ was rooted with v25

  27. satudarah says:

    Can somebody comfirm that it olso work for the I9300 MTK6577 ??

    • gleescape says:

      According to the past sharing by the community, I9300 MTK6577 should work.

      • YAF says:

        It did not work for my I9300 MTK 6577. I got all the way to the Please look at your device and click RESTORE command, the phone was restarted then no root took place!

  28. aymansn says:

    Thanks a lot for all finally it works great

  29. Fernando says:

    Doesn’t work in Motorola Razr D3 with Mediatek MTK6577 – Android 4.1.2 can anyone help?

  30. Rohan Rane says:

    System doesn’t restart at the final step….

  31. jeff says:

    Thanks!! It works with Note2 clone N7102 MT6577 JB 4.1.1 but slight changes to above steps needed.

    I’m using WIN7. Install Android ADB interface instead of ADB composite Interface and set phone to storage mode instead of media player mode. Once you unzip the root with restore binary program and your phone connected, its better to check that your phone status is online before performing the root.

    Open command prompt, go into the root with restore folder and type the command “adb devices”. Check that it can discover your phone and the status is online. Once unable to see this, we can proceed to perform the rooting steps 🙂

    • Rohan Rane says:

      How to enable to ADB interface instead of ADB composite interface

      • jeff says:

        Hi, download the google usb v7 drivers. Search for “usb_driver_r07-windows”. If you have already installed the ADB composite interface then uninstall it from the device manager, plug in your phone again and when the pc request for drivers, point it to the new drivers that you downloaded.

      • federi says:

        hi jeff, i can´t install usb_driver_r07-windows… what is wrong? the system can´t install it due can´t find the software… is this file correct?

    • Kill Bill says:

      Maybe because I’m Dutch, but I really don’t understand what to do… like the phrase “go into the root with restore folder”, which restore folder ??? On my phone ?? On my computer ?? Okay, open command prompt, I guess you mean CMD ??

      Another one, “Once you unzip the root with restore binary program”, which restore binary program ??? Unzip the root ??? You mean the Android ADB interface ???

      Maybe you can publish it a bit more easier in the style of; ROOTING FOR DUMMIES 😉

      Sorry for being so stupido 🙁

      • Jeff Toh says:

        Hi, once you downloaded the “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v17”, unzip it to your computer. Once unzipped, go to that “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v17” folder and inside there’s another folder called “stuff”. Inside that folder, you should be able to see an application named “adb”.

        Open command prompt, as in CMD and navigate to this “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v17stuff” folder and issue the command “adb devices”. Make sure that the program recognised your phone and shows that it is online. Once online, you may proceed for the rooting steps as shown above.

        Yes, its the Android ADB interface. 🙂

      • jeffrey_9330 says:

        hi, can you please help me. I did everything exactly as you explained.
        i made sure i have the ADB interface instead of the ADB composite interface.
        The phone is in storage mode instead of media player mode.
        When checking if the the device is connected it shows my device on CMD.
        Yet when i continiou the root it won’t reboot when i follow the cyclus. it gets stuck at the restart and i have to pull the battery out to make it useable again.
        i hope you are able to help me.
        kind regards jeffrey

  32. Gregory Peter Dela Cruz says:

    works with SKK Phoenix

  33. Haipai i9377 is impossible to root, there is a write permission that requires special mode and a password that is not available for us simple user. Can you help on this issue?

  34. […] Star N9776 (6"/DualCore/GPS/1.2GHz CPU) Ich hab es mit der Englischen Anleitung gemacht Gleescape.com – 5 Quick Easy Steps to Root Your MT6577/MTK6577-based Android devices ( in 5 minuten geschaft ) Mit der Deutschen Anleitung sollte es auch gehn Anleitung: […]

  35. Giuseppe Mercurio says:

    It works on the ZOPO ZP900S 😉

  36. MrCabana says:

    Strange … here are the steps I’ve done (used v25):

    1) it seemed to work on the first time i ran it, but then i noticed SuperSU wasn’t installed;
    2) I ran it again and chose SuperUser instead (option 1);
    3) I noticed the phone got terribly slow and wasn’t playing video or audio anymore;
    4) I then reset my phone to factory settings and lost all the data I had in it, but slowness went away;
    5) Tried to run the program again and again (including v17 and v18), but everytime i do it, the slowness comes back and I have to reset to factory again

    So, now that I have run it quite a few times, everytime i run v25, it says /system/bin/.ext already exists and it’s about all the error it shows.
    My phone is a HERO H5000 / H2000+

    • Ahmad Ali Fahmi says:

      I experienced the same problem like you with my Kata i1, but only until number 4.
      After factory reset I ran the v17 and then it succeeded without any problem

  37. xesco says:


    perfect with a STAR N9588 (android 4.1.2) and BEDOVE X12(android 4.0.4).

    Thanks from Cerdanyola del Valles,Barcelona,Spain!”!

  38. Arnaud BOYER says:

    V25 work won a GT-i9300 / B92 🙂

  39. It worked with my H3000+ !! I used the version “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18” and it happened on the first try.

  40. Alex says:

    I got Android Composite ADB Interface with device:Android Phone/ Then I run Root w Restore but with no success.

    All the time adb server is out of date. killing and so on.

  41. ALI SARHONO says:

    Great! it’s work, with my advan T3i. Thx a lot.

  42. Radu Moisan says:

    worked as a charm on Zopo 300+

  43. Dany says:

    Doesn’t work on ZOPO ZP500+.

    The script show everything, the phone shows “Restore…” and performs as written, restarts and all, but after the line:
    “Going to copy files to it’s place” it shows the following:

    “mv: ‘/system/xbin/su’: Read only file system”

    Tried the v17 and v18 as well.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  44. dave says:

    muchas gracias desde mexico…. funciona correctamente

  45. killmore80 says:

    Yes it works on xtouch x403. But anyone knows how to upgrade this model from ics to jelly bean?

  46. thomas s says:

    hallo wie roote ich mein Star N9776.danke

  47. thomas s says:

    hallo. kann mir jemand bitte beschreiben wie ich mein Star N9776 roote. danke.

  48. Free_lander says:

    I a have juste with Freelander PD10 Pro. Successful, thank you.

  49. Adri Ansyah says:

    not running in my imo s99 ocean..can somebody help me???

  50. success using H3000+ !! thank u!

  51. Eng Proc says:

    success using binary17 on note 2 mtx version. any developers for the MTX version on note2 over here? I need help to MOD my devise further. 1st step. rooting is complete. Mission accomplished!

  52. elpiti_ says:

    help!! My phone does not restart after click restore him, I need to remove and put the battery and works again but in Bin4ry tells me “permission denied are you root?”, and does not stay in root, what I can do?

  53. succesfully with GSmart GS202+ 4.0.4 with v17… Thanks!

  54. Barry de Graaff says:

    Rooting method confirmed on Freelander I10S MTK6577 used app version 18.

  55. knightrider says:

    Thanks it’s work for your help : )

  56. Tamtomo Abdi Negoro says:

    Didn’t worked for me. Tried both the v17 n v18 🙁

  57. kill bill says:

    how 2 root same phone with 4.1.1 ?

  58. Hello people, I would like to know if is there any rom to install on this cellphone, the 4.0.4 base android is boring hahahaha Thank you so much =)

  59. cm says:

    how to install driver to window?

    • gleescape says:

      Normally, you can plug in the device, then when prompted there is no avilable driver, you can select a driver for it. Browse to the directory where you unzipped the driver files. Choose the appropriate .inf file to install the driver.

  60. lfcFreak33 says:

    I tried this a million times with my hdc galaxy note 2 mage. When i press restore my data phone is suppose to restart but it doesnt, it just shuts down and it doesnt restart. Does anyone knows what can be the problem? To start my phone again i have to take the battery in and out.

  61. dojo says:

    thanks dude..
    it work 🙂

  62. it’s work, with my Xtouch x403
    thanks you so much

  63. reeqee says:

    yeeppee … success , it work , thx….

  64. m_shark says:

    Hi! Was looking for this info. Do you know if SuperOneClick tool will do the trick in place of Root_with_Restore?

  65. Adin says:

    I cannot install the driver in windows….
    teach me please…

  66. Adin says:

    I cannot install the driver in windows…
    please teach me…

  67. Edgar Joergensen says:

    i cant get it to work on mine ;( keep giving me the message “mount denied”, what6 should i do`? and how do i install the usb drivers to windows?

  68. Ignacio MV says:

    And if after I want to unroot what to do? please

  69. kakara says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial. As I can install CWM recovery?

  70. it gives me “root access is denieed” WHHYY PLEASE HELP

  71. Hi, I get passed the phone rebooting then it advises that then i get the below, is anyone able to assist?

    Please look at your device and click RESTORE!
    If all is successful i will tell you, if not this shell will run forever.
    Running …
    Successful, going to reboot your device in 10 seconds!
    Waiting for device to show up again….
    Going to copy files to it’s place
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    You can close all open command-prompts now!
    After reboot all is done! Have fun!
    Press any key to continue .
    please help 🙁

  72. edy says:

    worked but he ask for password for restore i clicked some thing then worked please explain ho to deal with password request box

  73. Ravindra Rayala says:

    Hey man..many great thanks to you. I have tried almost all and nothing worked. But your menthod made wonders on my MTK6575 GT-I9300 Samsung Galaxy. Literally man. Thanks. You r great.

  74. miles says:

    it work, really
    thanks you so much

  75. danilofacc says:

    ma possibile che sono tanto tonto???????non ci riesco, sono 2 giorni , non ci riesco, potete darmi una dritta sul fatto che non riesco???

  76. derek lockett says:

    How do you install the driver in windows?

  77. […] eu mi-am rootat P5-ul foarte usor folosind guide-ul de aici desigur root-ul se face pe propriul risk si este posibil sa se invalideze garantia de la allview […]


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