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Coming Up: Apple iPhone 6 Looks


With the expected iPhone 5S seeing an extended delay in delivery and the softening demand on iPad mini, we would not be seeing the 5S and 6 coming anytime soon. Various source suggested that iPhone5S, despite adopting an accelerated design phase, will be delayed up to August or September 2013. The reason is likely to be volume production issues. So, while we await the new incarnation of the Apple’s ideas, let’s take a look at what folks on the net had come up with as far as the concepts iPhone 6 is concerned. And while we are at this, why not let us know your favourite design?

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Design 1: Square, Dark, Sharp


Design 2: Smooth, Shiny – in Black


Design 3: Smooth, Shiny – in Matte Silver


Design 4: Tipped, Curved, Slim


Design 5: Wider, Shorter, Better?


Design 6: Near-bezeless, Home button less


Design 7: Was for iPhone 5, but why not iPhone 6? Mac-book Light inspired body design


Coming Up: Apple iPhone 6 Looks

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