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CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack Download



In case you have been searching high and low for the Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) Bluetooth driver for Windows 7, I managed to find both the 32- bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) versions for Windows 7. I had a CSR v4.0 Bluetooth dongle that looked like the above photo. It came with a CD, but the CD did not work, hence, I had to search online for a compatible Bluetooth driver for my PC running on Windows 7.

All I know, was that my Bluetooth dongle was detected as a “CSR 8510 A10” device in Windows 7, with the wording “CSR v4.0” and “Bluetooth V4.0” on the box that came with it. So, if you had simliar bluetooth dongle and was trying to find a driver, I hope this one will help you in making it work. I know it worked for me 🙂 So here’s a quick instruction for installation:

1) Remove all the Harmony bluetooth software that you may already have via the Programs & Features in Control Panel

2) Reboot your PC/notebook

3) Run the setup.exe according to the OS type (32-bit or 64-bit) that you have installed.

4) If you see a User Account Control dialog, answer “Yes”.

5) Following through the installation, choosing “Yes”, “Next”, “Ok” etc.

6) Let Windows Update find the rest of the auxiliary device drivers to support the Bluetooth device that is now detected. Be patient, it will take a little while.

7) You should see the Bluetooth icon on your system tray.

8) Find your bluetooth device via the Bluetooth system tray ” Add Bluetooth Device”.

9) Follow through the usual pairing and you should be on the way to use your Bluetooth dongle!

Get the drivers here (x86) or here (x64).

Do let me know whether it worked for you, and do like Gleescape.com to be updated with technology news and sharing!


CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack Download

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  1. Douglas R. Hawkins says:

    I used your software to install the app; it worked seamlessly. Obviously I was very pleased especially in light of the fact that I previously failed miserably using the factory supplied software disk. A paradox? You bet, and on you I will wager in the future.

  2. Lior says:

    I have a problem error 1935 during the installation what can I do?

  3. J says:

    The version linked up in the article is really old. I got mine from a german reseller:

    This is Version

    Hope it helps

  4. Vey says:

    hi again
    no response since yesterday but i think it’s normal..
    just to tell everybody that it works so well with the toshiba bluetooth stack !!!

  5. Vey says:

    everything is good when i install the bluetooth but when i add my speakers, i can but they connect/disconnect every second…what can i do ?
    thks !

  6. Vey says:

    it’s work well to install the bluetooth but when i turn on my speakers, it connect/disconnect every second..what can i do ?
    under win 7 64bits..and a bluetooth smsl AD18…
    thks !

  7. juan says:

    somebody Please help..

    i have problem.

    1.in control panel-bluetooth setting i cant turn radio on with error “device unvailable.

    setting cannot be saved”

    2. i can connect to my smartphone or headset but i can not send file or recieve file.

    i fave follow every step to instal the driver

    nb:windows 64 bit

  8. JUAN says:

    Please somebody!!
    i have installed the driver but ive still got the problem.

    1. i cant add device in bluetooth tray.( i can add device through “0device and printer” but i cant send or recieve file from my smartphone.

    2. in control panel i tried to “turn radio bluetooth on” but ive got error message “device unvailable. setting can not be saved”

  9. MADI says:

    it worked thank you man!!!

  10. ZZZ says:

    > It came with a CD, but the CD does not work

    Even worse, the CD contains SPYWARE:

    CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack injects weak root certificate into trust store

  11. Leo Kidd says:

    Your download version is I understand there’s a new version but I can’t seem to find it. Any suggestions on where I can get it or even if it’s worth upgrading?

  12. Mr_Zaroc says:

    Hey, finally found the driver (again)
    But while trying to install it I get the error message that the licencse key is already expired and I should get the new version. Now I already had the driver installed but had to unistall it, because the dropped suddenly in quality and reboots and repluging the stick didnt work. Now I cant reinstall the driver, anybody got some idea what could be wrong?

  13. Giovanni from Italy says:

    It worked for me, too. Finally I could connect my JBL Charge 3 to my laptop with Windows 7 64bit.
    Thank you very much.

  14. Giovanni from Italy says:

    It wWorks for me, too. Finally I could connect my JBL Charge 3 to my laptop with Windows 7 64bit.
    Thank you very much.

  15. andrey rincon says:

    I have the same BT 4.0 and I want to convert my latop into a handfree paired with my android device. do you know if I can do this? looking at my android paired devide I only can see audio mode, but I can`t see the other hand free option, any ideas?

  16. thankful says:

    This worked better than the original CD that came with the dongle when I bought! 2017 and still rocking finally.

    Microsoft Update could not resolve the issue.

  17. Avaie Motta says:

    Thanks a Lot!!!!!! Worked for me. Thanks.

  18. keegan says:

    Purchased a Bose Soundlink Mini a couple years back and could never get it to pair with my bluetooth usb dongle. Finally, after this guide, got it working! Thanks 🙂

  19. Josef Roesler says:

    Now that I’ve found someone who actually has this thing working, can anyone tell me how to make it play music from my laptop to a paired speaker? It works fine streaming music from my phone to my laptop, but my goal is to stream music from the laptop to a Bluetooth stereo on my boat in another state. Right now I’m trying to test it on a speaker in my garage.

  20. Muls says:

    Many many thanks. You saved my life (my wife became enraged to see me on my computer) It’s more then a week I’m trying to connect my Boze speaker via the dongle CSR Bluetooth to my laptop (HP / Windows 10).

  21. Yuri says:

    Thanks! You saved my job (and my life)! Greetings from Brazil!

  22. Mike says:

    You utter legend I just bought one of these and the drivers they sent wouldn’t work correctly, sometimes the device would show and other times not at all, this has fixed my problem many thanks 🙂

  23. max says:

    Many thanks for this. Very helpful.

  24. kwaskomen1 says:

    HI, i have problem with csr 8510 and creative aurvana gold, when i connect cag i see information about using apt-x but when music star playing there are huge delay and interrupts,
    it could be some settings to change this?

  25. Omeur says:

    Thanks. Work well on win7/64

  26. Carl says:

    Nice post!
    I decided to add an aptX dongle to a Win10 box today and gave the drivers that came with it a try.(CSR Harmony stack ver They worked on XP and Win 7 so… Anyway they installed without a hitch and upon connecting an aptX headset I got the familiar apt-X CSR pop up that says “You are now connected to an apt-x enabled headset” I agree with some, CSR WAS a PITA to deal with for a typical user support issue but I suppose it’s because they expect your devices to include their drivers / software. They just make the technology not the end devices. Looks like now it’ll PITA Qualcomm from now on.

  27. Alex says:

    I love yo man, you saved my life.

  28. Robyn says:

    Thanks mate solves my problem was going to take back to shop for refund

  29. Steve says:

    Absolute legend for your help makes a difference when you have the right info my wife is sooooooo happy makes my life bliss

  30. John says:

    Thank you for sharing, works fine.

  31. Enrique Bravo says:

    Thanks! Worked great for Windows 10 x64 looked high and low and found it here!

  32. Kamil says:

    Worked for me, THANKS very much. I bought this small chinese one for 2 bucks. Do you guys noticed very poor audio quality of this little bluetooth dongle ? It is very worse than my Xiaomi phone 🙁 i thought from pc i would get better audio quality 🙁 any tips on how to improve quality ?

  33. Johnny says:

    Thanks CSR x64 working on Windows 10 pro x64. I’ve been going crazy trying to search for it on CSR website so you have saved me here. Driver works.

  34. bob holl says:

    in windows 10 with an acer aspire 7739z the following procedure worked: 1st let windows detect csr4.0 (as a csr8510 A10) than install the x64 version of the driver from csr website than one sees a my bluetooth devices in my computer and you can connect there by searching


    Them idiots from CRS so damn stupid.

    • Squid says:

      I keep getting a c runtime error, same as their software, and it doesnt work. Any suggestions? I’d kill to get sound from my bluetooth speakers with my pc

  36. Mat says:

    This allows my back beat go 2 plantronics headset to work… But takes away the ability to connect ps4 controller. I am at a a loss. Switching the Bluetooth drivers back and forth change whether or not I have the headphones or controller working… Cannot get both to work at the same time.

  37. Ram says:

    Thank you, worked perfect for win7 64bit.
    The ebay sellers link was poor.

  38. sss says:

    thank you so much .. it actually worked

  39. Bruce zMiller says:

    I tried downloading it to my mac. Double clicked on setup and it reproduced itself. could never get to actual program/driver

  40. Nirav says:

    Thanks a lot!! it worked..

  41. Arnold from Indonesia says:

    At last….!!!! It works on me….!!!!! Thank you…..thank you…..thank you my friend…..you are the best….
    Terima kasih….!!!!

  42. Arnold from Indonesia says:

    At last….!!! It works on me !!!! Thank you….thank you….thank you…..so many…..many….many…thanks….
    Terima kasih….my friend….

  43. diego volponi says:

    on my Windows 7 64bit and this software stack I connected succesfully the bluetooth 4.0 CSR Dongle to MYMUNET PMN300 bluetooth wireless speakers. Great!!! Thank you!

  44. anonymous says:

    Thanks a bunch! The mini cd that came with my CSR dongle was not installing the radio drivers correctly on my PC. Your drivers worked like a charm.


  45. Liran says:

    mann THANK YOU!
    spent hours trying to solve this

  46. A real thank you and happy new year. The CDROM coming with the devoice had not the 64 bits drivers.
    Vous m’avez sauvé!

  47. Will Leben says:

    I had a similar problem with my Azio V401, which worked fine with the CSR driver on my Windows 10 PC for a year.

    When it stopped working, I uninstalled both the dongle and the driver, then installed the CSR driver from this page, which successfully paired the dongle with all my Bluetoooth devices.

    Here’s hoping the fix will be just as easy for some of you!

  48. Ekrem says:

    The above product (CSR v4.0) bought for android tablets.
    Running Linux and Windows on my computer
    It does not work on my android tablet.
    How do I run a Tablet

  49. Rodrigo says:

    I have a bluetooth keyboard, pairing goes well but reconnecting is just a joke, I find this device listed but there is no connect option, and apparently this device doesn’t reconnect itself unless removing and pairing this device again. I’m looking for a utility maybe a systray too where it can list bluetooth devices and allow connect or disconnect option like on linux.

  50. cheers says:

    Many Thanks,

    All working good with this driver.


  51. Avner.S says:

    I faced the same situation. Got the bluetooth dongle from eBay and the CD-Rom was not functional.
    Downloaded the driver from your link and all is working fine now. Thanks.

    • Rod Warrix says:

      Hello everyone. I found my cd and made zip file of it. I also made video back on Sept 13 and posted here but believe that those drives are CSR Harmony 2 when I installed from cd it installed CSR Harmony 4.0 so here is a new link to download file unzip it and run the setup program. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lrt0k4t39sxtwoz/CSR4.0%20Harmony.zip?dl=0 if this link should just comment below or contact me through website link to my name. Anyone trying this please let me know it works. Thanks!

      • Rod Warrix says:

        I have uploaded the cd software to dropbox. Just search Google for this title. (Can’t paste link) find screen-o-matic and the link is there. ” CRS Bluetooth Dongle Windows 10 ” Updated April 4 2016

  52. panjo says:

    sir please help me, could you share latest harmony bluetooth stack? i hve installed to my my laptop, but it said “this lisence expired please install latest version”

    • psplam says:

      scrx32.zip 51mb when installing report license expired.
      So search web and find another
      CSR_Harmony_2.zip 407mb which I find working.

    • psplam says:

      The Bluetooth_scrx32.zip 51mb, when installing, report license expired.
      Web search for CSR_Harmony_2.zip 407mb which I find is working.

  53. KARL says:

    Hi, was hoping you’d solve my frustrations trying to get Bluetooth dongle to work. Alas neither 32bit or 64bit driver worked on Windows 10 for a CSR Bluetooth dongle. It hasn’t installed any Bluetooth capability that I can see. Any idea if the drivers are Windows 10 compatible?

    • Rod Warrix says:

      Yeah it’s does work. Leave the bluetooth plugged in and restart your system. It may appear in system tray. If not Hit the Windows + x buttons and select device manager there you should see if there is a problem. Me I noticed it said it was fine but did not work so I found a old backup from Windows 8 named CSR with folder CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack in it. I placed that folder right back in the Programs folder and selected the bluetooth in the device manager and updated the driver by browsing to the CSR folder and clicking continue (also select the search in sub folders too) and it installed and I rebooted. I had problem when unpluggin it though and plugging it back in that the icon would not show up in the system tray until I left it in and rebooted and there I was able to use it fully. Transfer photos, videos and more from my phone in an instant! Great a little flaw but still got it to work!!! Here is a video link of what I did. http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/coQIihfJbi
      Here is a link to file zip CSR. Goes in Programs folder > CSR. Zip file link listed in video. Or contact me and I’ll send it to you if needed.

  54. Gazza says:

    Thanks , enough to shout you a beer, coffee or whatever
    Enjoy, and thank you very much

    • Hugo says:


      For some reason I couldn’t get your above solution to work as during installation it said something like the licence had expired and didn’t install. However, I then downloaded a CSR driver from the Lenovo website. That installed, but when it tried to load the bluetooth stack it claimed that my hardware wasn’t registered for use.

      Now the drivers are installed, but the dongle isn’t really working. By some chance, Windows 7 (64bit) decided to do a check for updates and came up with optional updates to the CSR audio drivers! Now, I’d already added the bluetooth speaker (which had failed to install properly), but that step might not be needed. I uninstalled the Lenovo driver, restarted and installed the updates to the drivers that were now uninstalled. All seems to work fine now using the Windows Bluetooth stack.

      Hope this helps.

      PS: Just seen your comments on 14th July. I hadn’t read that far down.. 🙂

  55. Marino says:


    please help!

    where can I find drivers for Windows 10?


  56. Gazza says:

    After banging my head against various things trying to get this bloody dongle to work with my BTN-200 headset, I found this post and gave it a go,I can assure people that at least of 25 august it works with W7 64 bit home premium, ..but you must wait a fair while for windows update to install the drivers
    it works, 🙂 Stuff the windows bluetooth software, this works really well, thanks :))

    • Ruud F. de Graaf says:

      I was very hopefull about this driver, but on my laptop with Windows 7 X64 it give me all kind of warnings about drivers not signed etc., so I did not dare to use it. Maybe I have other safety settings then others, but otherwise I don’t understand why that seems only an issue I have.

  57. Ruud says:

    Hi Glee,

    Tried your 64-bit Harmony software, but windows 7 refuses to install it because the drivers are of unknown source and I’m afraid to ignore that kind of warnings. Why is that and what is your advice?

  58. David says:

    Hi. thank you for tracking down these drivers.

    I previously had my adapter working well with my bluetooth headphones. one day they stopped working.

    with your assistance i have tracked down the drivers, however when i attempt to install them it gives me an error moments before finishing install indicating that “the software license for this software has expired, please install a newer version”

    huh? any help would be much appreciated. thank you.

  59. Mike Bernard says:

    Downloaded the Harmony stack and everything installed ok however, when I tried to add my device my laptop failed to find the my device. Thinking that something may have been corrupted I uninstalled the Harmony stack and downloaded it again. This time about halfway through the installation a notification appeared and said the “software licence is out of date” and proceeds to uninstall. Should I give up and just buy a different dongle? or can someone help me?

    • Gleeful Gleescaper Gleeful Gleescaper says:

      After uninstall, you could try to reboot and then remove the files in the directory. Also, did you check the setting on the laptop to make sure it can scan other bluetooth devices. In addition, make sure the device you are pairing is set into the “pairing” mode. Lastly, try to unpair the device from any existing bluetooth connection as some device cannot pair more than 1 target. All the best to your troubleshooting 🙂

  60. Willie Harris says:

    Are the driveres for the device compatible for Linux Fedora 21????

  61. Peter says:

    Kudos to you! After hours of searching for solutions it finally works, thanks!

  62. Senthil says:

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge. CSR (Cambridge silicon radio limited) site is horrible. but it seem like Microsoft issue (surprise! surprise!)

    Have fun!

  63. Tom says:

    You are an absolute champion! I’ve spent the best part of 2 days trying to find a solution. I think the problem stems from a Windows Update in late 2014 which didn’t gel so well with the older CSR software and drivers. It seems like CSR doesn’t care too much about keeping their products working…

    Anyway, thank you again for the help! Much appreciated.

    • Gleeful Gleescaper Gleeful Gleescaper says:

      You are welcomed! I had also faced much issue with the CSR drivers. Apparently the drivers provided had issues, so I am left to figure it out on my own. Glad to share and help save some time and sanity for you! 🙂

  64. John says:

    Hi sir, I have the same Bluetooth adapter (with curve edge). When I plug it into my desktop it shows all drivers installed successfully. I select “Add Bluetooth device” it detects my Bluetooth headphone instantly. But my headphone did not appear in “Playback devices”. I tried to play a video file and there is no audio from the headphone. Please help, thanks….. John

    • Gleeful Gleescaper Gleeful Gleescaper says:

      You need to first pair the headphone, and check whether the bluetooth driver on the desktop PC supports the necessary profile for playback of audio.

  65. David says:

    Regarding CSR Drivers.
    Pulling my hair out trying to get the usb adapter to work. Blaming Sony one phone worked sometimes and one not at all! Your offering resolved the difficulty and allowed sanity to return.

    Many thanks

    CSR……why isn’t this soft available on your site?

    Whoops failed the Maths test…..:(

    • Gleeful Gleescaper Gleeful Gleescaper says:

      I am glad that sanity has returned! Just a fellow tech geek helping the community at large! Have a good day!

      • Rob C says:

        Just wanted to say thank you for the complete and very helpful cheet sheet on BlueTooth Installation. I know many here deeply appreciated this, personally I am fairly new a bluetooth and quite frankly hate it because it was born of that of a phone. otherwise you could say I have been fighting drivers for 30 years and fairly good at it. but RedTooth no no no but only if it really worked well. I am just using it in a desktop to drive a little apple numeric keypad. I wish they did as dell in the early 2000 and built the BCM-CONTROLLER on all motherboards as standard equipment for the desktop markets. that way they could have done it right and made the world happy for a few more cents.
        but no they have to toss these little buttons in every pack of smokes, piece of bubble gum and of course lets not forget the tampon box too.
        with some generic micro cd that says SUPER BLU OR YANO OR BCM and you stick it in and it says corrupt file at sector whatever esc retry or fail.
        I dunno
        wicked tooth
        na really to all that are reading this thinkuing I am the crazy driver hater I am really not but just in a new years limbo which reminds me Kalua and coffee and whipping creme coming up
        good luck all you tiger teeth mambas out there
        with your color dentures
        remember 33 feet
        Rob C
        Long Beach Ca


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