City of Bridges, City of Love: Venice, Italy

Venice – one of Italy’s top travel cities and a beautiful, romantic destination with many attractions. Its small, traffic-free streets along the winding canals make for great walking. There are magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares, and interesting shops – to be discovered, either by foot, or by boat.
A gondolier rises early, to prepare his gondola for the chilly morning crowd. Day-trippers have not yet arrived, but when they do, it would be a pretty busy day. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


Visitors to Venice having a cup of coffee at the square, sipping on the brew, and doing people watching as the crowds walk by. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


The gondolas, lined up against the berth, bobbing up and down, as the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore stands in the background. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


 Autumn colors grace the city of Venice as tree leaves change their brililant colours according to the falling temperature. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


Streets greeted by the morning rain. A wet day, low light, reflections off the stone surfaces conjure an emotional scene. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


Sepia interpretation of ‘A Walk in the Rain’. Nostalgic feel to a charming place on a wet but sensual afternoon  (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


The evening approaches, as the picturesque Grand Canal slowly takes on a different hue and wind down for the impending night. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)


Visitors to Venice enjoying a time of tea break and meals in the Piazza San Marco, or St Mark’s Square. (Photo Credits/Gleescape)

Gleeful Gleescaper

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