Apple Store Down + 12 Sep + 5 + 21 Sep = new iPhone launched?

No, this post was not just mere incoindence. Today is Sep 12. This was the highly anticipated hint from the fruit company to the media about an event in San Francisco on September 12 at the Yerba Buena Centre.

Some questions on our minds are:

Q: What will the iPhone 5 look like?

A: The new iPhone is likely to be slightly taller than the current iPhone 4S (but not wider) and having a 4-inch screen. Apple is confident that the form factor of the iPhone is the sweet spot for mobile device, suggesting that the Galaxy S3 could be too larger for comfort. The sides of the new handset appear to be a single piece of metal, with glass panels at the top and bottom of the case, perhaps to enhance wireless reception (somewhat like the iPhone 4/4S). The new iPhone 5 is also expected to be about 30 per cent thinner than the iPhone 4 by using the special in-cell touch technology using low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) liquid crystal display (LCD) . The familiar dock connector is expected to be also replaced by a much smaller connector to enable the phone to stay small and compact – which means your existing connectors will no longer be compatible – big money for accessories and dock stations manufacturers!

Q:  When will the latest iPhone hit the shelves at my place?

A: Could be any date, although some have suggested the magic 21 Sep 2012, according to industry sources.

Q:  How much will it cost?

A: Well, it depends, it should retail at about the same as the 4S launch price, and may depend on the local telco packages that your country offers.

As of the time of this writing, the Apple Store is being updated, and soon, we shall see the details!

In the mean time, enjoy some of the beautiful concepts/view of possible iPhone 5 below, while we wait for the arrival of the real thing!







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