Is the iPad Mini coming along? We see some signs…

Some of us may have hoped that the Apple company would announce the scaled down iPad model – nicknamed the iPad Mini, along with their new iPhone 5 and iPod range. However, many were left frustrated when no announcement was made regarding the anticipated mini version of the gadget, which is said to be 2″ to 3″ smaller than the 10″ iPad – around 7″ to 8″ in size.

Some have even questioned whether the iPad mini announcement had been put on hold due some technical problems, while others were suspecting that Apple did not want to distract consumers from the newly launched iPhone 5. But all is not lost! Apparently, there was a recent leak from the Foxconn factory,  a backplate which Apple is apparently developing and working on. There is quite  a strong possibility that such a mini model is already in development, and we might just see it soon in the market, once internal testing and finalization of the overall design and technical specifications is completed. The leaked model seemed to be a Wifi only model, as there was no SIM slot in the backplate, suggesting a Wifi only wireless function.

While we speculate on this, let’s take a quick look at the form factor, the external design of the upcoming (hopefully) iPad mini, as well as some of the protective cases that some of the manufacturers have created after obtaining the dimensions and design of the iPad Mini’s backplate:

As you can see, this is a cast of the backplate. Comparing it to the iPad 2/3 behind,
it is indeed about 2 inches or so smaller, diagonally.

This is likely to be the camera hole, and the 3 holes for the switch,
and volume up and down buttons.

If you have seen the iPhone 5’s external connector (lightning connector),
the iPad Mini is likely to also sport the same type of connector.

Overall view of the backplate

White hard case.

A more luxurious version of the protective case, with rotating case stand.

Available in different colours!

This is likely a soft case, with protection for the front edge of the screen.
The picture in the casing is just for illustration 🙂

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