There is an Easter Egg in most Android smartphones!

What are Easter Eggs?

If you do not know, an Easter Egg is an intentional hidden message, inside joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program. And for Android, it comes with every version of the Android operating systems from the good old Gingerbread 2.3 to the latest Jelly Bean Version 4.1. For some non-stock Android Operating System, this may not be available, but there is no harm giving this a try ūüôā

Gingerbread 2.3

In Gingerbread, you will find a picture of “zombie art” by Jack Larson. You will find a cool and composed Android with a zombie Gingerbread man, surrounded by Zombies using mobile phones.

gingerGinger bread 2.3 Easter Egg – ¬†“Zombie Art” by Jack Larson.¬†

Honeycomb 3.x

In Version 3 of the Android OS, which is the¬†Honeycomb, we see a bee finding its buzz with a Rezzz…. message.


Honeycomb 3.x Easter Egg –¬†¬†Rezzing Bee

Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0

In Ice Cream Sandwich, you can find an Android robot dressed up in an Ice Cream Sandwich pixel graphic-style. It grows in size when you long-press it, and finally it transforms into a flying android animation.


Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0 Easter Egg Р Flying Android dressed with ice-cream sandwich

Jelly Bean 4.1

With Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), this Easter Egg tradition continues! You will be able to see a with a cute jelly bean first. When you press the bean long enough, you’re presented with a game that enable you to to ¬†flick jelly bean candy. Oh, did I say it support as many touch point as your hardware can handle? Try throwing five beans at one go out of the screen!


Jelly Bean 4.1 Easter Egg – ¬†Play “fling the beans out” game!

How to activate these Easter eggs?

To activate the easter eggs on your own Android smartphone follow the simple steps below:


1) Go to Settings

2) Select About Tablet/About Phone. This is usually the last and lowest option in the Settings menu.

3) Find the Android Version row. It is usually found after the Model number information row.

4) Tap repeatedly on the “Android Version” row. This is the “Firmware/ Android version row” on the Gingerbread.

5) If you tap enough, the Easter Egg will activate!

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