Photo-touring Taiwan – December 2012

Panoramic Views of Taiwan from my recent trip to the beautiful country. The camera setup was a combination of Nikon D90 + 18-200mm VR and NEX-5N.  One key challenge with panoramic photos is that the lighting condition in the direction of the sun/glare can cause shadow details to be lost in the other directions. It would be good to perform some bracketing.

DSC08259r_tnScenic view  enroute to He-Huan-Shan mountain

DSC08238r_tnView from the resort where I stayed for 2 days

DSC08589r_tnA misty morning at the Sun Moon Lake

DSC08382r_tnFlower nurseries near Cing Jing Farms Area at Dusk

DSC08346r_tnIn the Green-Green-Grass Area of the Cing Jing Farm Area

DSC08333r_tnCing  Jing Farm. Sheeps can roam freely in this area (though they are not in picture)

DSC08330r_tnAfter He-Huan-Shan mountain main viewpoint, near He-Huan-Shan-Zhuang (villa)

DSC08320r_tnView from near the He-Huan-Shan Summit viewpoint.

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