Photo-touring Taiwan – December 2012

Panoramic Views of Taiwan from my recent trip to the beautiful country. The camera setup was a combination of Nikon D90 + 18-200mm VR and NEX-5N.  One key challenge with panoramic photos is that the lighting condition in the direction of the sun/glare can cause shadow details to be lost in the other directions. It would be good to perform some bracketing.

DSC08259r_tnScenic view  enroute to He-Huan-Shan mountain

DSC08238r_tnView from the resort where I stayed for 2 days

DSC08589r_tnA misty morning at the Sun Moon Lake

DSC08382r_tnFlower nurseries near Cing Jing Farms Area at Dusk

DSC08346r_tnIn the Green-Green-Grass Area of the Cing Jing Farm Area

DSC08333r_tnCing  Jing Farm. Sheeps can roam freely in this area (though they are not in picture)

DSC08330r_tnAfter He-Huan-Shan mountain main viewpoint, near He-Huan-Shan-Zhuang (villa)

DSC08320r_tnView from near the He-Huan-Shan Summit viewpoint.

Gleeful Gleescaper

Gleeful Gleescaper is passionate about technology and shares interesting and useful stuff that come his way daily. He loves to travel to interesting places and keeps himself updated on technology & gadgets. When relaxing, he loves to sip on a freshly brewed cup of Espresso coffee to the tunes of Bossa Nova and easy Jazz.

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