Samsung Galaxy S4 – Launch on April 15 or 22?

Edit: It’s confirmed! 14 March will be the day of Galaxy SIV’s arrival, earlier than expected! Read more at this latest post!

With the successful Samsung Galaxy S3 already flooding the markets, it is a no-brainer that a new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is on the way. Various sources on the Internet points to a possible launch sometime in March or April, with announcements to commence in March. Some even go as far as predicting April 15 or April 22 as the “day”. Leaked photos of the purported Samsung S4 had reach the Internet, and here’s a visualisation of the new model S4:

s3s4Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 side-by-side comparison


Appearance-wise, the S4 does seemed to have a thinner bezel around the edges, and sport a slightly less roundish look in preference of a squarish one. The home button seemed to have grown a little larger, and the sensors at the top of the phone seemed to have moved up and streamlined to pack more into a thin strip of real-estate on the front.

So what does the latest S4 has to offer? For one, it is going to be a Jelly Bean 4.2.1 device. It will sport a pretty high-capacity 2600 mAh battery which is 500mAh more than the  S3’s 2100 mAh . That’s about 20 percent more juice to go. This coming new phone also was rumored to feature wireless charging – no surprise, as Samsung is a founding member of the A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power) consortium.

Other than the battery upgrade, the Galaxy S4 would likely also pack a quad-core Cortex-A15 processor (some were predicting an eight-core with eight-core Mali-T658 GPU), 2 GB of system RAM, 5-inch 1080p AMOLED? display and a 13MP rear camera. Some even predicted that the S4 will ship in white and black.

Internal to Samsung, the smartphone was codenamed “Project J”, but that was recently changed to “Altius”. Let’s wait for the next iteration of the Galaxy S family!

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