10 Quick Easy Steps to Root Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800)

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Searched the Internet for an easy way to root my Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800), and found a simple but effective way to do so. Apparently, this may work for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (P6200) too, according the rooting program screen.

You might have found or discovered that on the Galaxy 7.7 or even S3, the copy and paste function can stop working and hang your application. When this happens, frustration sets in. The current resolution I found, is to take matters into my own hands to fix it as Samsung has no fix for this problem as of today (as far as I know). See http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/feb/22/samsung-copy-paste-problem for this problem which Samsung is dragging its feet to fix. Shame on you, Samsung.

Now, back to the rooting. The beauty of the steps below is that it does not require a permanent CWM (ClockworkMod). What it does is to use a temporary CWM module to enable root.zip to work and root your Galaxy Tab 7.7 (or 7+), and then reboot without any CWM. To me, that’s the cleanest way, as I only wanted to root it for the copy and paste problem, and perhaps to install titanium backup software to backup the stuff on my Galaxy Tab.


First, I need to share that my current Tab 7.7 is running on ICS 4.0.4. So if yours is another lower version, consider updating to the latest version (i.e. the 4.0.4 version that I am using) before attempting the rooting, so that your result can be more predictable. Also, apparently, these will work for Tab 7.0 Plus too, so do let me know if it worked also for Tab 7.0 plus. Thanks!

*** Standard Disclaimer ***

As with any rooting or recovery operations, there are certain level of risks that the operations on your device may not work, or cause problems, or even brick your device (i.e. the device become a useless piece of technology like a brick). Hence, you have been warned, so proceed at your own risk and eyes open. I will not be held responsible of the procedure below does not work for you, as I am only sharing that it worked for me, and hence it is your responsibility whether you decide to go ahead or not with this operation.

*** Standard Disclaimer ends ***

Step 1: Download these 2 files (CWM.zip and root.zip ). There are two ways of putting these 2 files on your sdcard; use your sdcard reader and copy from your PC to the card or you can even use your P6800’s internal browser and save these two files to “sdcard\extStorages\SdCard\” on your P6800 (Tab 7.7). You should see the files in your file explorer (i used es explorer).


Step 2: Turn off your Tab 7.7. Hold Volume Up button AND Power button – do not release! Hold both buttons until the Galaxt Tab 7.7 logo appear twice, and you see an Android logo in the centre of the screen. Release the buttons. You have booted into the Tab’s recovery mode.

Step 3: Choose “apply update from external storage.” by pressing vol up/down. Select with the power on/off button.



Step 4: Choose CWM.zip and wait until CWM recovery appear (version


Step 5: Once the CWM screen recovery appear, you can use touch feature on the screen to choose and navigate the options of the screen.  Choose “install zip from sdcard.”


Step 6: Select “choose zip from internal sdcard”.


Step 7: Choose “root.zip”


Step 8: Find a “Yes – Install root.zip” option (using swiping or up/down vol key)


Step 9: Once this is done, you will see “Install Complete!” as the 2nd last line, and “Install from sdcard complete.” as your last line.


Step 10: Choose reboot system now by selecting “+++going back+++”, and then selecting “reboot system now”. Your device will now reboot and go into normal starting mode. You will be able to find a new application, called SuperUser in your application listing.


Enjoy your newly rooted Tab 7 plus or Tab 7.7! 🙂

 Note: If you have copy/cut paste problems like my Samsung Tab 7.7 (i.e. the application hangs there for 1 minute or so before crashing and exiting), the simple solution after you have rooted, is to:

(1) Go to the /data/clipboard folder using a file explorer that support rooted mode (and allows you to browse to /data/clipboard).

(2) Erase all the files and folders inside the clipboard folder.

(3) Reboot your device

(4) Voila! Your copy/cut/paste works like a charm!

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8 years ago

Very helpfull, quick and easy, always delayed rooting but finally done 🙂 Thanks.

11 years ago

Im suffering the same prob, cant copy-paste for quite sometimes. I’hv no time to go to samsung service centre. I hv tried ur steps, but its shows signature failure for cmw.zip. Pls help, what sould i do?

11 years ago

.Where did you get the OS update? The new ones still ship with 3.2

Reply to  pasta
11 years ago

OTA update was available for my region…. I am not sure why yours was still on 3.2…

11 years ago

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