iPhone almost named “Telepod”, even “Tripod”


Years ago, before iPhone came about, there was the usual naming deliberation going on in Apple. Apparently, some names that the fruit company folks came up were at kinda weird or boring. But aren’t we glad that iPhone was the final name chosen. That was in 2007.

Ken Segall, who was the former head of Apple advertising recently shared about other names that Cupertino was considering in 2007. He shared this at a presentation at the University of Arizona.

So, let’s look at some name that was proposed and the reasons:

1) “Telepod” – They believed it sounded like a futuristic twist on the word “telephone.” Furthermore, the “pod” part was a nod to Apple’s then-popular iPod music player – one of the three key features of the iPhone.


2) “Mobi” – They chose it because it was a shortened version of the word “mobile.”  This was said to be a creative name with a personality.

3) “Tripod.” – This may sound like “what?!” initially, at first thought but after giving some thoughts, it probably makes some sense. Three function – music player, internet deviceand a phone all rolled into one. The disruptive “trinity” of technology at that time.

Last but not least –

4) “iPad” – Actually, Apple was working on a tablet-type of device  before the idea to build a phone. Hence, this would probably be a candidate on the table of names.

So, here you go, how names were brainstormed, debated on, and finally, iPhone was born. It wasn’t easy – I am guess there were countless nights of sleeplessness to push for iPhone before it was coined.

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