How well does your phone or tablet take HTML5?

Which are the best browsers when it comes to running HTML5 websites and apps?

You have a mobile phone or a tablet, but do you know whether the current browser you are using is ready to take on the next wave of Internet and HTML5 enabled web applications + web sites for maximum interactivity?

Here are some of the scores for how well a browser support and run HTML5 codes. When HTML5 score of a particular browser is high, you can be assured that newer websites which use the latest HTML5 code for interactivity and features can be rendered or run properly by the browser. The maximum score is 500. For those likes to browse web sites using their game consoles’ browser, there is also a section for web browsers in game consoles, so why not take a look? Lastly, for those on desktop, we have added the last table, for desktop browsers to guide you on what browsers to use for your favourite website. Maybe through this, you can try out the better browsers that you may not have heard before! 🙂
The best HTML5 browser is – Blackberry! This is followed by Android 4’s Chrome 25 followed by Opera and Firefox. IOS remains a little behind these browsers by a small margin. The rest performed significantly less well.
As you can see, Chrome is king in this tablet category, followed by Playbook’s browser. Opera and firebox are close contenders, with Safari trailing a little. Kindle comes in next.
Nintendo Wii did well, although it was pretty far from the best score of 500 points. Hence, game consoles don’t support HTML5 very well. Do take note of this when using them.
There is a close fight between Maxthon 4.0 and Chrome 26 for first place. The next three browsers that came along are Opera, Firefox and Safari.
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