Creating Social Media “Recipes” with IFTTT


If you are a social media fan with multiple accounts, media files and status to track and monitor, here’s a IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g.”) service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement, extending your control over multi-platforms all using the concept of recipe. It’s like programming all these social media website to talk to one another with simple triggers and actions.

So how does a recipe work?

Let’s see the construction below of a IFTTT receipe – A recipe consists of a condition, trigger, followed by an action.


So an example, when you replace “THIS” with a condition and “THAT” with an action would work like this:


So effectively with the above IFTTT recipe, whenever you have an instagram photo taken by you, you will automatically store that photo into your own Dropbox! Of course, the possibilities are endless. It’s a like the programming language for the social media!

So why not hop over to to try out this excellent innovative service? You may just fall in love with this cool tool!


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