FlightAware – Your Personal Air Traffic Viewer

Wish to know how your loved one is doing and where he/she is on the world map after leaving the runway at the local airport? Flightaware.com is an online flight tracking website where you can track the flight status of aircrafts in the world!

Imagine that! Every aircraft is tracked, and presented to you, in real time, the exact latitude and longitude of the plane. A nifty tool I’d say, for aviation enthusiasts and concerned parents, boyfriends/girlfriends and spouses.



You can even load up the aviation situation at a particular airport, to see the flights coming and going out. How cool is that? It is like you have a bird’s eye view of the entire airport! The more you watch, the more you can appreciate that being an air traffic controller can be a stressful job, with so many flights around you, all aeroplanes waiting to land, lest their fuel run out.

Why not try the website out and see for yourself how it can be a useful tool to know if your loved ones have arrived at the airport? http://flightaware.com/

Gleeful Gleescaper

Gleeful Gleescaper is passionate about technology and shares interesting and useful stuff that come his way daily. He loves to travel to interesting places and keeps himself updated on technology & gadgets. When relaxing, he loves to sip on a freshly brewed cup of Espresso coffee to the tunes of Bossa Nova and easy Jazz.

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