The Start Button Returns to Windows 8.1!


Since the launch of Windows 8 in October 2012, Microsoft has announced the soon arrival of the Windows 8.1, an upgrade to the Windows OS that sparked an outcry, when users could not find the start button on their desktop PC.

The reported Windows 8.1 release date is October 17 , and  it will be available to existing Windows 8 users free of charge using Windows Update. Retail availability will be from October 18 onwards, and the Windows 8.1 OS has already been released to manufacturers, a stage commonly known as RTM. Non-Windows 8 users will be expected to pay USD$119.99 for the base version of the updated operating system, or USD$199.99 for the Windows 8.1 Professional version.  You can take a look at the differences between the different versions of the Windows 8.1 here at Microsoft’s website.

Among the key features to be made available or enhanced in Windows 8.1 include:

1) Modern UI Experience: resizable width of app window, sharing of screen with multiple applications, boot to desktop (“new” feature), “better” support to keyboard and mouse users – i.e. The Start button is BACK! But the start button will not be showing the familiar Windows 7/Vista menu. Instead, it will show the application screen/Apps view.

2) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Enhancements: flexible data sync and access at workplace, mobile device management and access, and enhanced remote desktop.

3) Mobility Enhancements: more VPN clients, support for embedded wireless radios and broadband tethering – turn your PC into a hotspot!

4) Security Enhancements: remote business data removal, enhance biometrics, device encryption, IE improvements, better Windows defender, and device lockdown.

For those wanting to read the details of the new features, head down to Microsoft Windows 8.1 website to take a look.


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