Apple users – iOS 7.0.3 update is coming


If you had updated your iOS to the latest version 7.0.2 a few weeks ago and had been experiencing problems that some of the users had, take heart that Apple will be updating your iOS 7.0.2 to the 7.0.3 soon. The upcoming iOS 7.0.3 update with build number 11B491, had been released to internal staff and external partners for testing, and should be just round the corner, likely before the rumored October event, which may see iOS 7.1 being introduced at the same time.

The new update may address performance issues that have surfaced since iOS 7’s launch last month, plus security concerns such as the lock screen bypass problem that surfaced in iOS 7.0.2 (Build number 11A501). Personally, I have had applications crashing more frequently on the iOS than before, pointing to the nascency and stability of the iOS 7 and the relative “inexperience” of app developers in iOS 7.

Given that iOS 7 is a significant release from the iOS 6 judging from the major version upgrade to 7, teething problems are unavoidable, and it is heartening to see Apple fixing the issues as quickly as they could. iOS 7.0.1 was release OTA on launch day and 7.0.2 6 days later.

I would love to see a perfectly tested iOS operating system, but as with any software development, it is an expensive or impossible process to wait until all bugs are discovered before going to market. So what is important, is the responsiveness to reported bugs and vulnerabilities. So, just ride the initial curve and iOS 7 should do just fine.

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