Light and Mighty – The Future of Power Adapters

Have you wondered why your laptop bag is so heavy when your notebook is light? The culprit? The huge power adapter that comes with it. How would you like your laptop charger that is 4x smaller and 6x lighter than today’s adapters? And how about throwing in built-in USB port, that delivers 2.4A of current and replaces phone/tablet chargers that you currently own? Finsix’s revolutionary power technology has made this become a reality.  The total weight of this darling is only 45g, less than half the weight of most smartphones available today around us.

With a tiny form factor delivering 65W that is able to charge laptops and 10W devices simultaneously, Finsix’s adapters could very soon become the reality on the consumer market. It comes with a wall plug form factor that eliminates bulky AC cable, and only occupies a single socket when plugged in. Compatible with all major laptop brands, it is the ideal solution for mobile professionals and students alike, who could do with less weight as they go about their business and studies.  FINsix will include multiple DC connectors, or “tips” with each adapter to ensure compatibility with a broad range of laptops, so no worries about compatibility with your own laptop and notebooks. You can pre-order yours  here:



Gleeful Gleescaper

Gleeful Gleescaper is passionate about technology and shares interesting and useful stuff that come his way daily. He loves to travel to interesting places and keeps himself updated on technology & gadgets. When relaxing, he loves to sip on a freshly brewed cup of Espresso coffee to the tunes of Bossa Nova and easy Jazz.

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