Doodle – Simplify your scheduling for meetups!


If you are like me, it can be challenging to find the right day and time for a meet up with friends, given the busy urban living. That’s where doodle comes in.  Just click on and you will be on your way to creating meetings like a professional.  The beauty of Doodle is that it radically simplifies the process of scheduling events, whether they’re serious board or causal team meetings, dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips, or anything else.

Just create a meeting or meet-up, key in the proposed dates and times for your friends to select from, and let them do the rest of the job. You can check on the participant’s response and determine the best slot that works for all, or in some cases, most of the folks involved. Your participants can also leave their comments in the same polling screen, so we know of special requirements or notices.



Other than this simple free meeting polling service, there are also the free “MeetMe Page” service, where your personal scheduling i.e. busy/free slots can be made known to business partners and friends who want to meet with you.


Using the MeetMe service, you can show them when you’re busy and available and let them submit meeting requests to get on your calendar. In a nutshell, the MeetMe service is your personal central hub for scheduling.

The best part? Doodle is free and doesn’t require registration by either the initiator or the participants of a meeting poll. So, there you have it, give Doodle a try, and I hope it works for you too! If you are interested, here’s a short video about the Doodle services, for your quick viewing pleasure.

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