Watch NetFlix from Singapore – 2 Easy Steps


It is very easy to watch NetFlix from Singapore or any country that is not supported by NetFlix. Online movies, streamed to you in the comfort of your own home, had become increasing a norm. Netflix, a huge player in this area, is one of, if not, the world’s largest provider for online movies rental. You will be able to stream TV shows & movies streamed instantly over the Internet into your PC, PlayStation, Wii, XBox, etc.

Are you working in a foreign land and you wanted to watch movie back home in United States? In this post, we will focus on how to access NetFlix from your own country, especially so, if you are unable to watch NetFlix because it is not available in your current country of residence. See the typical screen when you try to access NetFlix from an “unsupported” country. I will use Singapore as an example of accessing NetFlix from Singapore.


What would you need to get started?

(1) Create That Secret Tunnel to appear in United States 🙂

First, you need a Virtual Private Network, or VPN service. It basically creates a “tunnel” or “wormhole” between Singapore and the United States, so that you can appear in United State’s network through this tunnel. This gives the desired outcome of being treated as if you are a United States Internet user, and hence, would be allowed access to NetFlix.

There are several popular VPN services out there, one of them is the HideMyAss VPN service, which provide a low-cost yet effective method to create that magical tunnel. Another point is that VPN service can help reduce the amount of information exposed to website e.g. your location, IP address, etc.

Using the HideMyAss VPN Service as an example, remember to select a US connection.


After connecting you should check whether your IP address is an US IP address (I used to check the IP address):



(2) Sign up for NetFlix through the tunnel and watch!

Next, using the HideMyAss VPN service (in this example), you will surf to Netflix and sign up with Netflix. If you use a non-VPN enabled connection, you may not be able to sign up as NetFlix would display the “not available” message above. Once connected to using the VPN, you may use your credit card to sign up to this service. The best part is that at this moment, the Netflix service is a “no commitments, cancel online anytime” service, hence you can turn it off anytime (e.g. when you are too busy for the month).

So there you have it! A simple 2-step to watch your favourite movie online, without any hassle! Enjoy your new channel of entertainment and streams of movies!




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