Create more than 1 Admin in Whatsapp!


With the latest feature for administering groups in the popular Whatsapp chat mobile app, you can now add more than 1 admin to manage the group. In a nutshell, you can add more admins into a group, and those promoted as admin will have the same power as you, including adding and removing members (and also you, if they are not careful!). Here’s how:

To add more admins into a WhatsApp group

1. Open up the whatsApp group where you are currently an admin (if you are not, then you cannot promote any members, and the “make admin” option is not open to you).

2. Tap on the “group info” – this will open up the the list of members.

3. Long tap on name or number of the member that you want to promote.

4. Choose “Make Group Admin” option.

5. The selected member will now be promoted as an Admin.

To remove the admin right of a current admin, it is a little different

1. You will need to long tap the name or number of the person

2. Choose “Remove [Name]”. The person will be removed.

3. Add the person back in again, and he/she will only have member rights!

That’s all! I hope you find this quick tutorial useful!

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