Universal iWalk Trio Power Bank – A Must Have!


Introducing a very cool universal mobile charger/bank to all – the iWalk Mobile Charger. As with most techno geeks, I owned a variety of devices that needed to be charged on the go – for example – Bluetooth speakers, Apple iPhones/iPads, Android smartphones and all sorts of tablet devices. All these variety of devices means that I will need both micro-USB as well as lightning connectors for charging on the go.

Here’s where the iWalk Trio mobile charger comes in. It comes built-in with 2 tips – micro-USB connector as well as certified iPhone/iPad/iPod connectors, support 2.4A of power. What this means is that on the next upgrade of the IOS operating system, the IOS will not break the ability of your charging tip in charging your iDevices! For a while, I was buying non-certified tips and cables, only to realise that they usually only support the current version of IOS only. On the next upgrade, the charging breaks with the “un-certified accessory error message” or it simply refuse to charge.

The cool thing also about the iWalk Trio, is its ability for the two charging tips to be docked into the power bank body means that when full seated, the charging trips are totally recessed and out of sight, resulting in very clean lines of the power bank’s exterior. Let’s take a quick look at these device (when charging tips are not docked, showing the tips).


One thing you will notice is that it has a small little screen that shows the amount of charge that is left, and also the power ampere at which the power bank is discharging to your phone. It’s really cool to know at what ampere is the discharge, because I managed to investigate the charging pattern of a particular device that only takes in 0.5A at any time, which makes it charge slowly, no matter what rating the power adapter could provide. In addition, during the charging up of the power bank, it should the time left to complete the charging and also the percentage. This gives a good indication of how much time you need to provide before your next outing/going out.


The power bank lasted very well while I was on the go, and comfortable size means I could hold both the phone and power bank very easily without any issue of slippage or dropping. During recharging, the on-board smart circuit protection prevents the devices from being overcharged which is key to extending power bank battery life. The sleek soft-touch finish (black) with stylish diamond design plus the slim 13mm thickness makes it ideal for my traveling, trekking, camping, festivals as well as exhibitions.

Technical Specifications:

  1. 6,000mAh/10,000mAh rechargeable li-Polymer battery
  2. Built-in lightning & micro-USB flexible cables and universal
  3. USB port Apple standard 2.4A rapid charging USB port
  4. Charge 3 devices simultaneously
  5. Pass-through supports charging Trio and connected devices simultaneously
  6. Ultra Fast-charging 2.4A input (Only 3.6 hours for charging Trio)
  7. Backlit LCD displays charging status and connection (Battery meter, device charging current, Trio charging time)
  8. 13mm Ultra-slim & compact size, easy to carry
  9. Stylish diamond pattern design
  10. MFI Certified

If you think you could do with a very well constructed and designed power bank, do consider getting the the iWalk Trio (click here for white or black for the 6,000mAH or white/black for the 10,000mAh models).

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