Download English PDF Datasheet for ANA618 Solar Lawn Light/LED Controller

Looking for an English version PDF of the datasheet for ANA618? Search no further, here it is! 🙂

Recently, I picked up a few solar-powered lawn lights from a budget shop, to test if they were any good and what’s in it. Being a curious hobbyist and an electronics enthusiast, I opened up one of the lamps to take a look inside. Well, I found that it uses a chip ANA618. So, as usual, I was curious what were the functionality of the ANA618. I searched high and low for its document, but was unable to find an English version that provided more information about this illusive little chip.

What I did find, was the Chinese version of the datasheet after a long search, and since I could read Chinese pretty okay, and I know many of you out there had the same questions about what on earth does this chip do? What is the pin out like? Is it that colored resistor/inductor thingy really an inductor or a resistor?  I have decided to translate it, for your convenience. I have tried to translate to the best of my understanding, so if there were errors in the datasheet, the same error will also be translated. :P. Okay, with that, let’s start!

Here’s my solar lamp’s components and values that I found after tearing it apart:


– ANA618 chip (44049)
– 1.2V, 80mAH Ni-MH cell
– 260uH inductor (colored), 10% tolerance
– Orange LED x 1

Oh, by the way, I also read somewhere (additional info) that the ANA618 can drive between 1 to 3 LEDs, and output voltage is between 0.85 and 1.5V.

For the more “official” specifications of the enigmatic ANA618 chip:

You can download the detailed PDF here.

Have fun with this little ANA618 IC in your little Solar project! And while you are at this, why not like

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6 years ago

Thanks for posting this datasheet translation. I just found and dismantled two of these “garden” lights, to up-cycle the photovoltaic cells, and I noticed first the scarcity of components, and then that the “transistor” had one leg too many… Mine sport the number “ANA618 44050”, and the inductances appear to be 47uHenries. The batteries are “NI CD – 2/3 AA – 1.2V – 200mAh”. They are dated 2014-10, yet they already appear to have leaked some electrolytes.
Your document will let me re-use the electronic parts as well, nicely done!

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