Window Command Line to Rename All the Files with Prefix or Suffix

Sometimes, as photographers, you may wish to prefix or suffix all the photographs with a string of characters. Here are the two quick commands which you can use to achieve your objectives!

Gentle reminder: Please try this with some test files before renaming all your precious production photos! 🙂

For Prefix
Go to CMD commandline
Go to the directory which you wish to rename all the files.
Execute the command (replace prefix with whatever you want e.g. hello_)
FOR /r “.” %a in (.) DO REN “%~a” “prefix_%~nxa”

For Suffix
Go to CMD command line
Go to the directory which you wish to rename all the files
Execute the command (replace suffix with whatever you want e.g. _hello)
for %a in (.) do ren “%~a” “%~na_suffix%~xa”

Gleeful Gleescaper

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