How can You Track Covid-19 Cases?

Now that COVID-19 is a concern for some of us, here are some useful websites that we have collated for your viewing and information purposes, if you are keen to keep abreast of the current situation and stay updated.

1. (USA) :

If you are into numbers, this may be what you can start with.

A screenshot of the statistics for COVID19 in the United States.

2. Google Coronavirus Console (United States)

Snapshot of the Google Coronavirus console

3. The Guardian

There are different views of the pandemic situations by states in this website.
A screenshot of the vtrend view, by states

4. The COVID Tracking Project

If you are keen to look at the world-wide views of the coronavirus situation, here are some:


A snapshot of the cornoavirus progression on the world map

2. The Baselab

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