Germany: Beautiful Country, Excellent Sights

Innovative and tight use of space in the building

Yellow cutie!

Classic orange!

Cool and modern blue BMW335i

Exterior display of BMW car outside the Welt

Carrot cake for breakfast!

And big breakfast too

This is the BIG guy… Walking Man, 1995. The 17-metre-tall, 16-tonne figure by the American artist Jonathan Borofsky, with its dynamic, out-reaching form, stands in contrast to the strictly geometric pattern of the facade behind it.

Wonderful World – having a ball of a time in the park – English Park

Landscape in the English Park

Autumn colors along the waterway – near the Deutsches Museum (German Museum)

Overcast day in the cold park….

Yum yum!

Buskers performing for the captivated audience

Marianplatz on another day – with blue sky! 🙂

Having our last main meal in Munich at Augustiner

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11 years ago

hi edmund! good to see you around here 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. I will do my best for my upcoming trip, which is probably going to happen late this year.

Edmund Low
Edmund Low
11 years ago

Yo Henry,

You have never failed to inspire me with your pics..

Keep it going..


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