How to Prevent Your Computer from Locking Automatically

Working from home?

Have a corporate laptop that would lock screen or sleep so quickly that you cannot even get a decent coffee break without being locked out of your own notebook PC?

Need to read email from the screen constantly but only reply occasionally?

Need to stay “Online” on your computer’s Skype or Microsoft Teams?

Cannot install utilities to ensure your computer stay awake due to lack of administrator rights?

Fear not!

These were some of the usage scenarios that I had experienced in the past months which involve much of the Work from Home (WFH) arrangements for work. I had to leave my computer screen on to ensure that important emails are not missed during the work day. However, my pet peeves were that the screen was locked too quickly and too often. And having complex passwords does not help my unlocking several times a day, while safe and secure in my personal home without anyone else around.

So I embarked to find a quick and useful utility that could help me with keeping my computer stay awake when I wanted it to!

Download this nifty utility, called “Caffeine”, which keeps you computer happily unlocked and awake by simulating a key up event every minute or so, hence keep the computer fooled into thinking you are still “using” the computer.

Download it here!

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