How to Screen Capture on Samsung S20, S20 FE and variants

For those who are used to the earlier versions of Samsung mobile phones, the Samsung S20 FE’s way of capturing screenshots are now a little more tricky, although it might be more convenient.

(A) Traditionally, for the earlier models of phones, you would press and hold both the volume down key/button (Vol Down) and the side key button (Side Key).

(B) On the Samsung S20 FE, it seems like a brief press and let go (without any holding down) of the Vol Down + Side Key will do.  If you hold too long, the power option will come on.
Why brief press and quickly release the buttons? Because on the regular Android phones, taking a screenshot is as easy as long-pressing the power and volume down buttons. However, since Samsung loaded extra functions into the Side Key, a long-press of that button combo will trigger the power off menu instead.

If you own a Samsung S20 series mobile phone, depending on the model, and with some good fingers co-ordination, you would be able to capture the screenshot quite easily either with (A) or (B) method!

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