Review of Ostrich Cutis BookCase for iPad 3rd Generation

Was looking around for a case for my new iPad 4G (3rd generation), to protect it, and also to turn the screen off and the iPad goes to sleep automatically closing a smart cover over the screen.  Having seen some of my friend’s case breaking at the hinge due to prolong use and partly due to use of Polyurethane (PU) plastic (these are called “faux”/”luxe”/”luxury”/”premium” leather on the cover, so be careful when choosing it), I decided to look around for a genuine leather case so that it hopefully will last longer than my unfortunate friends who were attracted to the cool and nice looking faux leather cases, only to throw them away in a short period of time due to wear and tear.

Saw one genuine leather case from why gosh, selling in Courts Singapore for $69.90 (sold at $89 elsewhere). I decided to get one of this case, since it looked pretty sturdy (poly carbonate hard case behind), has magnets inside (both sides) to act as hinges and smart cover, looks pretty nice (one piece leather from front to back), and most important, it was genuine leather as stated on the package.

So let me to introduce to you this Ostrich Cutis BookCase for iPad 3rd Generation (you can find it at, if you are looking for one.

FEATURES (from website)

  • Constructed from tough polycarbonate
  • Exclusive haute custom-fitted one piece genuine leather
  • One piece snap on case
  • Slim and compact
  • Designed to fit

DESCRIPTION (from website)
Handmade from one piece genuine leather, this Bookcase is beautifully handcrafted to meet the exact specifications of your iPad. Form fitted for the slimmest possible fit design. Hard back case with corner grips for added protection. Designed for Easy access to all controls and ports.

So how about using it?

The exterior look is a white leather texture, with a tiny sheen of gloss from a processes leather. The surface can be easily wiped with a damp cloth if ever it get too dirty. You can even “moisturize” it to nourish it (I think you can use a little NIVEA  cream)

The one-piece leather construction helps improve durability, especially at the “hinge”. This is the thing I like about genuine leather – it should be more durable than plastics since plastic suffer from fatigue and cracks quite easily over time.

The case when opened. The surface is a layer of micro-fibre type of felt. You will notice there are two “claws” somewhere 1/3 from the right of the case – this are the 2 main grips. The corners also act as very firm grip and protection in case it knocks the corners when you drop the iPad. No questions about the fit, it fits perfectly.

You can use it when you need a high viewing angle, e.g. surfing Internet.

This is a good position when you are watch streaming TV and movies. Notice that half of the case can actually bent backward to accommodate this set-up position.

View from oblique angle

Front view of the stand

Close up of the half-bendable part of the case. It is backed by a layer of felt and leather backing behind. Also to note, is that there are also magnets on the left strip of the case, so that it will not detach/half-bend unless you pull out the half-part gently from the magnetised edge. The magnetic left edge is used by other smart-covers also to securing the “hinges”.

All in all, this is a pretty good and practical case for iPad, and if you are looking for a genuine leather case with a non-intrusive “claws” and a solid backing, this is definitely one option you should consider.


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