How moods can influence food cravings

“Researchers have found out that our moods can dictate what we eat,” says JR, a medical doctor and recovering food addict. According to research, here is a list of food cravings and the moods they address:

If you reach or crave for:
Meat, hard and crunchy foods    –>   Angry
Sugars –> Depressed
Soft, sweet foods like ice cream  –> Anxious
Salty foods –> Stressed
Bulky, filling foods (crackers, pasta) –> Lonely, Sexually frustrated
Anything and everything –> Jealous

I am not so sure how much influence moods have, but perhaps there is a certain amount of “truth” to it. I have heard people say that desserts are happy food… maybe the reason is that they are a little depressed, and some sugar seems to help! =D

Gleeful Gleescaper

Gleeful Gleescaper is passionate about technology and shares interesting and useful stuff that come his way daily. He loves to travel to interesting places and keeps himself updated on technology & gadgets. When relaxing, he loves to sip on a freshly brewed cup of Espresso coffee to the tunes of Bossa Nova and easy Jazz.

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