How will the iPhone 5 look like?

Apparently, there are news of production of new “iPhone 5” in China just over the last weekend, and that means that production has started, and we could expect it very soon, perhaps in October-December time frame? I am not sure. However, were a couple of very nicely rendered depiction of the iPhone 5, and I think that might give us a glimpse of what it could potentially look like. Gizmo apparently was talking about an iPhone 5 that was smuggled out of the factory, although I am not sure if that’s a faux new (again?).

In any case, I was reading about the profits from the sales of iPhone, and before the release of a new version, it suffers from lowered profits, as the anticipation grows, so do the holding back from purchasing the existing model. Hence, from a sales point of view, it does not seemed to be too good for Apple to hold back the launch for too long 🙂  How will iPhone 5 fare against the heavy weights of the Android factions? It’s any body’s guess, and I believe there will be some possible features along with a new IOS(?) such as near field communication, fingerprint security, maybe even Siri “reloaded”? 🙂

Let’s see some of the renders of iPhone 5 from the leaked parts and information on the Internet. Source: Render by Martin uit Utrecht.


Visualisation by Gizmodo on how Apple’s website could look like at the launch of iPhone 5.

White version, with a steel look back finishing

The black with dual tone material at the back

Even the fingerprints look so real!

Love the wood grain contrast with the white body.

Nice bokeh of the render

Do you like the black one better?

The scratch just makes the entire thing look so real !

Nice. Note the new connector at the bottom.

Another clean render.

In black version




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