Spain: Cities Vibes and Rustic Charms

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Spain – a country that conjures up images of flamenco dancers, bullfighters, and quaint white hillside villages. Beyond these common traditional associations, I find Spain a unique melting pot of cultures and experiences.

Moving from cities to cities and towns to towns, I sensed that familiar vibrant, busy, hustle and bustle in the big cities, where time rushes by. But I felt a quaint, serene and almost unreal peace and quiet in small towns, where time seemingly stops.

Now, take a mental snapshot somewhere between these two contrasting extremes. Next, sprinkle in cutting-edge art museums, expansive landscapes of olive trees, towering castles, majestic palaces, awesome aqueducts, soaring cathedrals, nostalgic medieval towns, wonderful designer tapas cuisine, and an immense treasury of paintings and sculptures.

Add a dash of adventure by standing on the tipping edge of a 130m-deep gorge, a pinch of quiet contemplation by sitting next to a bubbly flowing river. Finally, mix all these together with a generous helping of the spirit of insistence to enjoy life to the max.

Bake these in the bright sunshine of the autumn days under the clear blue skies. Take time to cool down in the chilling winds of dusk in the countryside. Last but not least, snap these moments behind that matt black shutter. You now have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable travel experience of Spain.

A vegetarian restaurant along the lonely streets

Lively service staff ready to serve us good food

 Riding into the sun

 Pink Scooter on a cold morning

 Bringing water to the town

 Excellent play of colours

 Time for a good meal

 Souvenir galore!

 Beautiful view of Segovia

Cold morning at the square

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11 years ago

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