Spain: Cities Vibes and Rustic Charms

 A freezing and windy morning

 Standing guard at the door

The city of Toledo

On the way to work

 The glass house

 Morning breakfast?

 Interesting graphics on this building

 The unreal palace of Seville

The “waffle building”, as I call it.

Casares – the place of white buildings on hill sides

Gleeful Gleescaper

Gleeful Gleescaper is passionate about technology and shares interesting and useful stuff that come his way daily. He loves to travel to interesting places and keeps himself updated on technology & gadgets. When relaxing, he loves to sip on a freshly brewed cup of Espresso coffee to the tunes of Bossa Nova and easy Jazz.

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10 years ago

[…] with tourists, bustling with activities and places to visit. More complete set of photos at: Spain: Cities Vibes and Rustic Charms » Are you able to recognise places in these photos? Lively service staff ready to serve us good […]

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