Save Our Button (S.O.B.) : Extending the Life of Your iPhone/iPad’s Home Button

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you will know that the Home button wears out over time. Once the lifetime (measured in no. of clicks) is reached, you will notice that it will become less and less responsive to your touch/presses. In the initial stage, the misses happen sporadically. In the medium stage, some presses are missed. In the end/terminal stage, most presses are missed. In this end stage, double clicking becomes a nightmare. Is there a solution to this wear and tear issue on the iPhone or the iPad?

Enter the Save Our Button (S.O.B) feature, which some of us may not have discovered or been informed about. It’s actually an accessibility feature provided by Apple, which lets you enter multi-touch gestures using only one finger. It also supports the use of adaptive input devices, like headsets and switches, so you can experience the full capability of iPhone/iPad even if you have limited mobility.

For me, it was a godsend feature that help fixed my ailing home button. Even if your home button is working perfectly, you may wish to also install this Assistive Touch feature to help prolong the usable lifetime of the Home button. This is how you activate the Assistive Touch feature to help fix the home button wear/not working problem:

Step 1: Go to Settings


Step 2: Select “Accessibility”


Step 3: Select “Assistive Touch”


Step 4: Switch on the “Assistive Touch” switch
by touching the slider.


Step 5: Once you have turned on Assistive Touch,
you will notice a black button floating button.


Step 6: Whenever you touch the floating button,
you will be presented
 with 4 options. One of this
is the Home button. If you touch
the white Home
button icon, it is as good as clicking the

Home button! It’s that simple! =D 


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