Adelaide, Australia: McLaren Vale, Victor Harbour, Granite Island

Next day, we visited the morning market, selling all kinds of stuff. Here’s one selling decorative ornaments for the garden.

 This is a coffee joint – a mobile one, that is!

 Floral flowers are for sale as one passerby looks on.

 Any one keen for a session of grilled breakfast?

 Next, we visited Port Elliot not far away. It’s a sleepy little town with some bakeries and we visited “The Strand”, a stretch of road with some interesting buildings and such.

 This is an old building. It’s called “The Registry”, a coffee and juice bar.

 This is a small church housed in a old stone building. It’s called St. Jude’s church.

 Interior of the St Jude’s church. We were welcomed by a very friendly old lady.

 We stopped by the Kleinigs Hill Lookout. This place is a look out point with mosaiced whale and represents the dreaming story of the Ramindjeri/ Ngarrindjeri people. This is a part of the mosaiced floor.

 Our next destination is the Granite Island. Granite Island was once connected to the mainland. It has survived the force of the ocean while the land that once surrounded it eroded away.

 Cafe and food joints at the gate leading to the causeway

 Strawberries, anyone? We didn’t try these out, as we would be visiting a strawberry farm in the near future 🙂

Gleeful Gleescaper

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