Adelaide, Australia: McLaren Vale, Victor Harbour, Granite Island

 Granite Island is home to a colony of approximately 150 little penguins (Eudyptula minor) and guided tours operate each evening at dusk.

 Here, vehicles (and only authorised vehicles!) need to travel slow, and no dogs are allowed. The dogs tend to go after the little penguins and upset them.

 Here’s another warning to give way to little penguins. Obstructing the penguins nightly pathway can prevent them from returning to their burrows, and in breeding season, this can delay or prevent chicks from being fed.

 The cafe near the screwpile jetty.

 This is the place where people can take the oldest hose drawn tram to/fro the island using the causeway. Behind is the climb which we will be taking to go up and take a look from a high point of the island.

 Caution! Beware of waves. Father and son looking out to sea. I hope no waves will come upon them!

 Huge rocks! Look for the human on the right for a sense of scale.

 Going home after a day of fishing! =)

 I saw a rock when walking on top of granite island, and it really looks like a lamb eating grass.. so cute. 🙂

 Shrubs of the Australian continent can be very different from the equatorial ones we see in Singapore.

 Single bush of grass at the foot of a big tree… so lonely..

 Sea gull resting on the hand rail.

 Going home with sinister looking clouds forming, threatening to pour. Strangely, there was no rain that evening.

 This is the horse we saw “working” on that day.. 🙂

 Baked Potatoes!

 Our parking slips. Needed to purchase multiple tickets cos we are spending time at the Granite Island.

Gleeful Gleescaper

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