Adelaide, Australia: Kangaroo Island, Cape Du Coudeic, Admirals Arch

Today, we drove to Sealink Ferry Terminal, and took a ferry across the channel to Kangaroo Island. Had lunch at Penneshaw (the only restaurant opened at 1.30pm!) and then a longggggggggg drive across the island to lighthouse accommodation at Cape Du Coudeic. We were just in time to catch the Admirals Arch at sunset, which is a sight to behold!  🙂


View of our vehicle parked by the side of the road for a short time of photo-shoot.


These signs can be found almost everywhere. Roads can be windy and tiring for the driver and navigator.


We will be turning left, to Cape Jervis, where we will be taking the ferry to Kangaroo Island.


Enroute, we saw wind turbines in the distance.


Nice road leading to the sea in the distance.


Reaching the Sealink Ferry Terminal.


This is our ferry. The ferry allows vehicles to “board” from the behind, while human go on the second deck.


Vehicles unloading from ferry before we can go up the ramp.


View of the ramp.


Kangaroo Island is a protected nature area, so there are rules and regulations to prevent people from “spoiling” it.


View of the coast from the ferry’s 2nd deck.


The ride was uneventful; this is the landing scene that greeted us as we reach land once more.


Nice blue waters.


Landing platform where passengers alight the ferry.


View of the sea from the platform.


This is a truckful of cattle, bound for the mainland.

Gleeful Gleescaper

Gleeful Gleescaper

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