Adelaide, Australia: Remarkable Rocks, Vionne Bay, Kingscote

We left our lighthouse heritage accommodation today. Enroute, visited the Remarkable Rocks, Vionne Bay Jetty, and drove 2/3 way of the island to Kingscote, which is nearer to Ferry terminal, and we can catch the pelican feeding session there.


Redheads safety matches – mainstay of safety match in SA. I saw this in the lighthouse accommodation, and also in other accommodations.


The lighthouse in day light.


This is the view of the heritage lodge that we stayed in. Personally, I find it too “heritage” aka rustic for me. There is no wifi, no TV, no radio, just a living room with some board games and a heater that does not work…. So, in the end, we just had some chat and retired for the night. Man, it was cold…. the heater was barely enough to keep us warm. :| Maybe it’s because of the old building design?


The next day, we brought mum and dad to the Admirals Arch. Last night, it was too cold for mum, and they had opt to cook dinner instead of watching the arch.


Cute green and red vegetation on the ground as we moved towards the arch.


Stairs leading down to the waterside where we could see the fur-seals lazing in the sun..


We reached the arch, and saw a seal looking up!


This is a mother seal, which was guiding the little seal around the rocky platform.


Huge vantage view of the seas. Note the small little stairs at the right hand side of this photo for scale.


Next, we drove to the remarkable rocks. From far, I was thinking, how remarkable can the rocks be?


Nice weather for a walk towards the rocks.


Nearer the rocks.


Another rock besides the main rocks. The orange colour is apparently caused by lichen.


That’s me! “Holding” up the rock! =)


For a sense of scale, I asked dad to raise his hands and stand there for a few seconds or so. These are huge weathered stones on the top of the rocky platforms!


After the remarkable rocks, we moved on to the lodging at Kingscote (in the north, nearer to the ferry terminal). We stopped by Flinders Chase National Park visitor centre for lunch. We had a hand-made honey ice-cream, it tasted heavenly! Seriously!


Dropped by the Vivonne Bay. Vivonne Bay is characterised by its long, sandy beach and the jetty which is used extensively by cray fishermen for off-loading of their catch.


Rails used by the fisherman to move their good to/fro the jetty.


View of the jetty from the road. The sky was slightly cloudy, so the water was not as blue as we expected, but it was ok.


Next, we drove to the Pelican feeding area near the Flinders Chase National Park.


These pelicans are large birds! Are they having a conference?


Visitors watching and waiting for the feeding to start. Each visitor is encouraged to give $4 AUD towards cost of the fish used for feeding the pelicans.




Looking good!


Carrying the food into the water.


Throwing the food! What you see are the fish heads. The bodies of the fish was given earlier. The idea here is to demonstrate that pelican cannot dive well as they will float back up to the surface.


Our accommodation at Kingscote, after the pelican feeding. Nice living room.


View of the fire-place. We could not get the thing to work – at some point, we smelt gas, so we thought it is better not to play around with it lest it blows up!!


We had apple trees in our backyard gardens, so we took some in for tasting. They are actually quite tasty!


View of the cottage we stayed in Kingscote. It’s on Giles Street (if I remembered correctly)


We had dinner at the Kangaroo Island Fresh Seafood, which is co-located with the Caltex Petrol Station. Food here is fresh and nice. Check out reviews at tripadvisor:

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