Keep Fit with RunKeeper Mobile App!

runkeepr_screenOne of the greatest challenging about running is to find a good route that you are comfortable with, and with the distance that you can track and monitor over time. Most times, you would just want to turn on your phone, activate the running mobile application, and leave the rest to the application to track, measure and inform you how you are doing.

Runkeeper ( does just that, without any fuss or problem. The best part? It’s available on iOS as well as Android platform. By using the built-in/on-board GPS capabilities of your smartphone, you will be able to do a post-run view of where you have run, how far you have gone, the calories burned, pace information, amongst other information.  Want a better view or display via the desktop browser? No problem! Just login to the runkeeper website, and you will be able to see how your runs have improved over time. You can even let friends send you encouraging messages while you run.

Did I also say that you can use this application for brisk walking too? Brisk walking is also a good way to start your exercise routine. You can also look for a good and cheap heart rate monitor to help you ensure that you are exercising within the optimal heart rate range for maximum benefits, such as fat burning. I will probably do a quick review of the FT4 heart rate monitor watch from Polar in a while, so stay tuned!

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