Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Headphone


Recently, I needed a new Bluetooth headphone to replace the current one which had died after 2 years of faithful service. After trying out the many models in various music stores and electronics malls, I decided on the Jabra Move . And the reasons for which I chose this, was price, performance and feature. In terms of the advertised selling points, they are:

  1. Jabra’s signature DSP for crisp digital reproductionƒƒ
  2. Ultra-lightweight and adjustable headband fits all head-typesƒ
  3. Control music and calls directly from the headphonesƒƒ
  4. Premium durable design for life on the move
  5. Stainless steel headband
  6. Tested to the max: drop (1.5 m), bend (10,000x)
  7. Dirt resistant fabric
  8. Easy to pair – always in pairing mode
  9. High quality call performance in true HD VoiceConnects to all Bluetooth ready devices – phones, computers, tablets and more
  10. Comes with an optional cord so you can use your headphones on flights.


First, a quick introduction on the earphone itself. The ends of the head band and the yokes are made from smooth black stainless steel that connect to the plastic housing. The yoke can be slightly rotated to permit fit. A microUSB port sits on the bottom of the right earcup together with the power + Bluetooth pairing switch. On the left side, it has a volume rocker and an audio jack. A button in the center of the rocker acts as a multi-functional control switch, allowing you to skip tracks, play/pause music and answer/ignore calls.

The ear-cups are comprised of a thin lining of memory foam wrapped in black leatherette. There are the L and R letters printed in the thin fabric covering the drivers for easy identification. This is an over-the-ear (Supra-aural headphones) that have pads that press against the ears, rather than around the ears.  This allow the Jabra Move to be smaller and lighter than the circumaural (around the ear) headphones. Although there is less attenuation of outside noise, the Jabra Move still does a good job of blocking most low-volume external sounds when in use, and yet allow conversations when needed.


What I Liked About It

When I started to use this pair of Jabra Move headphones for daily tasks and commuting, it was clear that I had made the right choice. First of all, it had about 8 hours of play time on a full charge. This was important for me, because my commute is about 4 hours long both ways and a earphone that lasts me through the day and the next is important, so that I don’t have to charge every night. Next, the ability to connect directly to a 3.5mm stereo plug is also important, so that it will function when the battery dies out.


Thirdly, the sound quality. I am not really an audiophile, but I value a good sound and can discern pretty well. Honestly, there are many big brands out there that just doesn’t cut it when it comes to good audio, as I found out after trying them out one by one (both wired and wireless). After sampling quite a number of Bluetooth headphones, I settled on Jabra Move, because it provided me with the best value.

Sound-wise it sounded even better than the Creative Wp-350 and WP-380 which had good reviews online. I would say that for this phone, the frequency response tuning is biased towards a little extra bass. But having said that, the amount of bass is not overwhelming. It is still very pleasant to the ears. In terms of the mids, it was pretty good, with vocal sounding lively and the trebles were quite bright, although not exactly as bright as some of the higher end wired earphones that I owned. Sibilation (aka hissing at high frequency) is very well controlled, so it provides a comfortable listening experience without the “s” breaking up the hearing experience.

Bluetooth pairing is also very simple and fast, and I have no problem pairing with iPhones, iPad and Android phones.

Fit-wise, I find that the adjustable head-band was able to position the earphone over the ear pretty nicely, and there was not too much pressure on the ears (clamping strength is moderate and comfortable). If there is too much of the clamping strength, my ears would hurt, but Jabra Move did not have this problem (and I would consider my head to be quite large).

What Could Be Improved

One gripe I have with the Jabra Move, is that I find the multi-functional control difficult to reach and control when I am wearing it. The up and down buttons were sort of recessed in terms of feel, which makes it difficult to press correctly. Sometimes, I end up pressing the central part, which is a play/pause action, instead of volume up/down. In the end, I relied more on the phone’s volume control as it is probably easier and is something I can see and adjust quickly. Note that the volume control on the earphone is the same function as the volume control on the phone itself.

The headphones unfortunately lacks the ability to fold for easy storage. This may not be a fair remark, as I already know it cannot be collapsed. The saving grace, is that the band is fairly flexible – so there shouldn’t be any problems tossing the cans into a bag. In fact, the headphones have been drop-tested from up to 3.2 feet and flexibility-tested up to 10,000 times according to Jabra.

The last issue, is that the leatherette ear-cups can feel a little warm after using for a while. This is a common problem with leatherette-based ear-cups, so is not a unique issue with the Jabra Move.

All in all, I would give the Jabra Move a score of 4.5 over 5, because for the price-point, I must say Jabra had done a good job of balancing price, features and performance in a very compact package. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good pair of Bluetooth earphone to consider Jabra Move.

My Rating:45

 Pro: Respectable battery life, detachable 3.5mm stereo cable, good sound quality, good value
Con: Control buttons not as easy to use for me, ear-cups feel warm after 1-2 hours of use

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