Adelaide, Australia: McLaren Vale, Victor Harbour, Granite Island

Adelaide is an idyllic place with some mountains beside it, and with orchards and natural sights with go with it. We had the opportunity to visit this little city, and would like to share some of the sights with you.

 We touched down @ Adelaide airport, picked up our rental car (KIA Carnival Grand) and drove through Mc Laren Vale area, arrived at beachside accom in Victor Harbour area. So, here we are, landed in the Adelaide airport, with loads of luggage, waiting for our rental car to be picked up and handed over to us. Oh yes, we got the car from Europcar.

On the way we went, passing through lonely roads and going through the McLaren area. It’s a pretty lonely drive, so it really helps if you’ve got company, music and the occasional topographic mishaps to spruce up the “mood”.. lol.

Stopping by the roadside to view the vines. There were many vineyards along the stretch where we stopped, so it’s easy to walk around and get up and close to the vines.

 We saw bunches and bunches of grapes and vine plant. Before I knew it, one of us had tasted a single grape and told us it’s nice and sweet. 🙂 Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good thing to pluck from other’s vines, but… well.

 Flowers at Chapel Hill vineyard, nice yellow colour amidst the dull green leaves.

 Chapel Hill Vineyard entrance, leading to wine tasting area. We were here for a while, and walked around, but as we were not really into the wine tasting, it was really a stop, shoot, relax and go kind of visit to the winery. The weather was cool and inviting, and we appreciate getting out of the vehicle after a long drive (guess that’s the real reason eh?)

 Signboard pointing to the entrance to Chapel Hill Vineyard. The winery was located along a long stretch of road, and you wouldn’t miss the vineyard as the signboard is prominently displayed 🙂

 These vines are very old, dated back to 1969. Boy, I was not even born yet! I guess these are the grand-fathers of the new plants, and more “pure” and “robust” genes than the newer ones?

 Next, we stopped by the Coriole Vineyard. We missed a turn due to some technical problem but found it near the Fairmount vineyard after several turns, and U-turns, and scratching of heads. Apparently, it’s not on the GPS’s information database, so a little bit of enquiring here and there from the people there.

 After leaving the vineyard region, we went on to reach our seaside accommodation – “Blue Seas chalet”. The chalet faces the ocean! Wow! That’s nice, and it’s evening, so we dropped our stuff (took a while to settle into the place), and plan to go out for a breath of fresh sea air later.

 From the bedroom window, you can see some folks going about their jogging, walking their dogs and hear the the ocean waves crashing on the shores.

 Just to give you a feel of the interior deco of Blue Seas. Simple but functional. It’s got an attached kitchen, so we can always whip up a meal easily.

 In the cold evening air, we ventured out to the shore, and some folks actually using a parachute for surfing: Para-surfing. Pretty cool to see them in the seas, but I think it’s kinda too challenging for my fitness level. lol.. 🙂

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